Late Beezfood

Letzten Sonntag war ein super sonnige Novembertag nach vielen grauen und nassen Tagen. Die Bienen haben sich nochmal richtig den gelb-schwarzen Bauch vollgeschlagen. Es war eine Wohltat! Many bees used this wonderful sunny sunday for a sunbath and one of the last nectar feasts this year. It is getting cold now. But this was aContinue reading “Late Beezfood”

Such a colourful beezfood!

The Echinacea is not only healthy but so very nice, too! I will try to get those ones for my garden next year. Bees like them for sure. The commonly used German word is Sonnenhut. A sun hat.

Bee on Onion

The bee likes the onion and I like both.This onion blossom came out of a garden onion from my food stock. It started growing greens and I sat it into the soil of my garden. This is the result one year later!What might onion honey taste like? The garden onion is called Küchenzwiebel (kitchen onion)Continue reading “Bee on Onion”

The first lucky shot

This was a pure chance and then I got ambitious to try more… And then I started this blog. To make the world more bee friendly.