Belated post

Just found this one in the “ready to blog” folder.Stay safe and remember to think of the bright colours of life!


Also das war ja schon sehr interessant! Die Bienen mögen sogar Graspollen. Hier sieht man direkt, wie das Gras blüht und stäubt! Bin ja schon sehr froh, dass ich da nicht allergisch bin und es fasziniert beobachten kann, wie die Biene an der Grasblüte akrobatische Übungen vollzieht. This was very interesting. Gras pollen, gras blossomsContinue reading “Gras-pollen”

Drink, bee, drink

Thirsty bees in the bee’s pub. They seem to be chatting about the fountains water supply. It gets less this year

Propeller Bee

I did it again! Got it in the air 🙂 I was so thrilled, that I didn’t look at the flower properly. So I can’t find out, what kind of blossom this is. Can anyone help??

Borage, the cucumber herb

The borage is alive! Borage was used in German cuisine a lot. The greens as vegitable or to add to pickled ghurkins. The flowers are still used as a nice garnish for salads, at least in my cuisine. I just learned that they can also garnish and flavor cocktails. I will definetly try that!