Bienenfreund – The Phacelia again

The phacelia is called Bienenfreund in German. Bees friend. And it really is. It has rich pollens and it blossoms from June until September. Food for all summer long.

Bee on Onion

The bee likes the onion and I like both.This onion blossom came out of a garden onion from my food stock. It started growing greens and I sat it into the soil of my garden. This is the result one year later!What might onion honey taste like? The garden onion is called Küchenzwiebel (kitchen onion)Continue reading “Bee on Onion”

A series on a phacelia

This flower is a phacelia and spreaded in my garden. It is not a common european flower, it comes from the other continent. Bees love them, they are typical honey plants. This is why they came with the bee lovers flower seeds I threw into my garden.The blossom is fascinating! Opens a strand like aContinue reading “A series on a phacelia”

Bumblebee in the Roses

This was on one of the really hot days in June this year. Almost 40°C. The weather is going weird, it usually is that hot in August, if at all. People and nature is not used to this in Southern Bavaria. But these two made me happy that day 🙂

Fighting over a poppy

So much live over a poppy! They went crazy for it. Digging in, diving in, collecting pollens.

Bumblebee on a celandine

In my garden now, as most of the blogentries. The celandine is a fast growing plant. When you pick the leaves, the yellow juices are the best treat for warts I ever got!Treat the wart daily with it. After 10 days you find a true reduce or the wart is even gone.