Ob barfuß oder fliegend. Es gefällt ihnen gut bei mir – das freut mich aber 🙂 Barefeet or flying, they seem to like it here – makes me happy

Es wird wärmer! – It gets warmer!

Warm und hell wird es! Jeder Tag bringt Neues und kleine feine Veränderungen.
It gets warm and bright! Every day brings small subtle changes.

Lizard parent and kid

In the sun, its warm. And it seems safe on the wooden block where they were only seen by chance. At first sight I thought the little one is a lost tail of the big one! Only my camera zoom and slowly coming closer did show the cute little reptile.

Bee’s neighbour…

… can also be a bee’s predator. This one was a perfect model to test my new camera. Was a good choice. Have a look at this great sculpture of the frog and the bee.