Brimstone-Lemon Butterfly

This butterfly is called Zitronenfalter in German. Lemon butterfly. The literal translation from English to German would be Schwefelfalter. That does sound smelly and not as nice? The butterflies are attacing my butterfly bush these days 😀

Birdzfood – Sparrows

These fellows visit all day long. The birdfeeder was put away from the garden and set on a shelf right at the window for the summertime. I thought to put it away to the garage until next winter, but these sparrows rely on it now and feed the leftovers (until i refill once a week).

beezfriend on calendula

This little friend perfectly fits in colours with the calendula. Calendula or marigold is called Ringelblume in German. The curl flower? It is a famous medical plant. So I guess marigold honey must be superfood?

Borage, the cucumber herb

The borage is alive! Borage was used in German cuisine a lot. The greens as vegitable or to add to pickled ghurkins. The flowers are still used as a nice garnish for salads, at least in my cuisine. I just learned that they can also garnish and flavor cocktails. I will definetly try that!